In the internet era anybody can book a hotel or any other sort of accommodation … just with a simple click!

Yet, if you are thinking of spending memorable days in a new area, you should seek the advice of a local expert as the range of accommodation on offer is huge and does not always correspond to what you really wanted.

Our travel agency & Tour Company is located in Florence, Italy and we can propose the best solution for you depending on:

   Length of stay and time of the year that you will visit
  - Number of persons (2 persons... extended family... just adults, children?)
  - Location: Do you want to be in the middle of town? Do you prefer to be in the country? A small boutique hotel or a 5-star hotel? Are you looking for an “art town” such as Florence, Siena, Lucca... or for a laid back village surrounded by nature to experience the Italian life with the locals?
  - Transportation: will you drive yourselves or would you prefer to use private transfers?
  - Your budget
  - Any physical limitations that need to be taken into account

Please contact us and let us know what your preferences and needs are. We will respond ASAP!

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