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Kathy Wilkins October 30th, 2017


Everything was outstanding!

All drivers and Valentina were perfect!

Would love to have their contact info to send them a thank you note!

We really appreciate your help!!!

Great service!



Colleen & Carl Stone July 15th, 2017

Dear Violetta,

Just wanted to let you know that we had a most enjoyable day yesterday at the Vatican. Dario was an exceptional guide. We felt that he was everything you would expect & want in a guide!

Thank you very much for arranging this & we are looking forward to meeting you in Florence.

Kind regards

Nancy Palumbo November 2016

Ciao Violetta,

We are now home in our beautiful Dry Creek Valley and our memories of this trip continue to swirl in my head. Richard and I loved our tour with you and the special locations and insights that you shared with us. Thank you so much and we hope to see you again some day. If you ever come to Northern California, you must look us up. Have a wonderful holiday.


Nancy Palumbo

Darlene Ponko - USA September 2016


We enjoyed our tour so much today and thanks for taking us. I only with I could remember 1/10 of what you told us! Old brain!

Your suggestion of taking a taxi up to the church and the Michelangelo plaza was a great one. Jim likes photography and got many great photos. Loved the cemetery tombs and stones.

Thanks again

Dar (and Jim)

Margaret Gall - USA September 2016

Good morning or good afternoon,
I just want to thank you so much for making our trip so incredible.  Our guide through the Vatican, Darius, was so knowledgeable and thorough,  he answered all our questions, kept s good pace, and helped us to understand how complex and beautiful the workings of the Vatican are.
Our other guides in Venice (Chiara), in Naples )Ricci) and in Rome (Giancarlos) were so good.  All went the extra mile to show us their beautiful areas.  They kept our touring fun and interesting.
Thank you for all your help.  I hope the next time I am in Italy I wi get to meet you.
Margaret and Hilda

Michael Rhea - New York August 2016


Thank you again for helping Kip and I with the tours in Florence! Very memorable and we look forward to seeing you when next we return - hopefully soon!


Liz June 2016

Dear Violetta,

I am so sorry to take so long to respond to your kind email. We have re-entered from our fabulous Italy trip and thankfully we have loads of pictures to remember all the fun and special people and things we got to meet and do.

This year's trip to Italy was made extra special because of the opportunities we had to spend time with friends and their families in their homes and to experience Italian life from a very real side. Spending time with the Adinolfis at their country home near Lake Como and being with the children,etc. was a big treat.

Being with you at your home, enjoying a wonderful lunch al fresco, learning about all the various aspects of renovating your beautiful home gave us such insight to daily life for you. Our time with Luciano Pasquini, in his studio, touching up a painting for us - what a very special experience and huge treat that you introduced us to.

Then our day at the Mama Agata Cooking School - with their family, in their 250 year old home, the great food, the beauty and the true personal warmth we all felt.

Added to these experiences were our days with various drivers, including our dear Jack, all of whom were excellent and took great care of us. They made our trip move from point to point with superb calm and efficiency.

Finally our boat trip to Capri - while there was a mix up with the dates - thank you for covering the cost of the second reservation - it was an excellent choice of company. The trip was in just the right size of boat, wonderful ride to and back and the staff in the company offered superb customer service. Marilyn left her camera in the taxi on  Capri that brought she and Lance to the boat for our return trip. The company bent over backwards to locate the camera and get it to us with Jack and his nephew's help (including a ferry ride for the camera to get it back to us).

There were so many parts of our trip that we all just loved. Thank you for your work to make it a very special visit to Italy.


I am so glad you are enjoying the chocolate sauce. I too love to just spoon it out of the jar, especially when it is cold. Other ways I and our friends have found to enjoy it include: warmed up and poured over ice cream, warmed up and dip almonds into it and eat immediately! Also we dip strawberries, pineapple, bananas or other fruits into it as a fondue, spread on croissants or breads of any kind, use as an icing on cake or cupcakes and on and on.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your delightful home. Let us know how you solve the puzzle of: keep both homes, let go of the country home, let go of the Florence apt. - YIKES! What a decision. My guess is you will keep both, at least for a while.

Best to you,


PS. Luciano's painting arrived in great condition. We have found a place for it in our home which is just perfect. It will always remind us of Italy, Luciano, you and that magical day at your home and our visit to Luciano's studio.

Alan Slater - USA Aprile 2016

Buongiorno Violetta. Sheila and I have finally arrived back in California and we wanted to thank you so very much for guiding us through the wonderful City of Florence during our visit. We learned so much about the Art, Architecture, History, Culture and Politics of your beautiful city. We will now have our memories and photos to remind us of our fabulous trip and to share with our families. 

Thanks again and very best wishes from the Slaters and the Hedmans.

Jimbo and the 'leda - USA October 2015

Mia cara Violetta,

Trish Corder asked if you do travel to France.

She said and I quote:

"She did an awesome job on our Italian vacation. Everyone said it was the best vacation ever had".


Cathy Treiber - USA September 2015

Hello Violetta

It was so nice to finally meet you in person also after many emails and months of planning the trip with you.

Many thanks to you for all of your hard work to make our visit to Italy so wonderful.  Bruce and I plan to return to Italy again some day. It was his first time to Italy and my third.  Bruce could not get over how friendly and happy the people of Italy are.  Everywhere we went the people were so helpful and made us feel so welcome.

We wish you much happiness and success in your life.  


Seth Conley - USA September 2015


You did a great job. I know this group grew very quickly…it was our largest group to travel internationally.

Thank you for all your hard work as well. I have only heard great things from everyone’s time in Italy.

Beth Loew - USA September 2015

Dear Violetta, Thanks so much for all your hard work.  I had the best time in your beautiful country. I can't wait to come back! The 8 of us are meeting at Linda's in 3 weeks and i know we will be talking about all our fun memories. Take care.

Diana October 2015

Dear Violetta,

We are looking forward to Sienna & San Giminano tomorrow. You have been so very attentive and attentive. Your suggestions have made our trip to Tuscany amazing! 

Thank you so very much.


Kerri Garner - Vancouver, Canada October 2015

We loved our trip and are so grateful that you were able to coordinate for us. There was so much value to having you do this.
Thank you once again! Take care

Trish Corder - USA October 2015

Dear Violetta, 

We have wonderful memories of the beautiful trip you planned for us in Italy! we would love to have you plan some more trips for us. We definitely want to go to southern Italy and Amalfi coast sometime! We absolutely loved Italy! 

This summer we are thinking of going to France because Collins has a conference in Paris. (I wish she had a conference in Italy!)  I was hoping you could help us with the trip to France because we so much enjoyed our trip to Italy.

I really enjoyed the time we spent with you and miss you! 

All the best to you

Margaret - Spain August 2015

Hi Violetta,thank you very much for all the trouble you went to for us(the club).

A few problems have arisen for a few of us in the walking club.As a result we are unable to carry out our trip to Tuscany.We hope to remedy this next year .I hope I can turn to you again next year.One of my greatest wishes is to walk in Tuscany.

Thank you agaiN.

Donald E. Letendre - USA Luglio 2015


It is hard to believe that two weeks have already passed since we were together in Florence. Louise is  now at our Lake House on Cape Cod (with the grandchildren) and I am in Washington, DC on business.

We have so many fond memories of Italy. And there is no question that our memories of Florence were made very special because of you. We appreciate all that you did to enhance our understanding of our surroundings, provide a bit of substantive history, and point out some of the special features of the things we got to witness. We are especially grateful for your efforts in getting us passes to see ‘The David’ and the other extraordinary works of art….seeing the ‘David’ was on my personal “bucket list” ….I cannot thank you enough for making it possible for us to see this magnificent sculpture in person.

We hope that you will let us know if you ever return to Iowa. It would be wonderful to see you again.

Kindest regards and sincere best wishes

Ty Endean - Tucson, AZ, USA June 2015

Once I get back to the states I will make another recommendation about your services. However I wanted to let you know that Michael was fabulous we had an amazingly good day with him as expected. Please pass on our gratitude to him even though we did so as well. Thank you so much and we look forward to another trip with you in the future.

Jane & Bud Shaw - USA May 2015

Violetta - we loved our afternoon  with you and thank  you so very much for sharing  your  energy,  enthusiasm  & knowledge.  We learned so much about the history and perspective  of what we are enjoying in the city.  Betty also liked the pictures  that I sent her and agreed that we would be pleased to host you, should you find yourself in the US Pacific  Northwest.
Take care and fond regards

Nick and Karen Carretta - US September 2014

We had a wonderful time today. Thank you. It was great to see you. Hope it is not so long till we see you again. It would be great to have more time to catch up. Next time we would like to go into the Medici chapels. We went in today but it is not the same without an expert guide. I will write you a review on LinkedIn when I get home.


P.S. I sent you the photo in a separate email. 

Randy & Diane Hoover - Houston, TX, USA July 2014

Thank you again for your services. We very much enjoyed meeting and learning from you. Let's keep in touch!!

Barbara - USA Ottobre 2013


We enjoyed our time with you very much this morning.  You made our visit so very pleasant and informative.  I wish I had scheduled you for the entire day, as the afternoon was not nearly as nice.  Many LONG lines, and Ron is not patient with that.

We are back in quiet Cortona, and I believe that is for the best.

I wish you well, and of course if you are ever in the Atlanta area, I would like to offer you a place to stay, and I will be your guide.


Jenny and Michael Sullivan - Australia June 2013

Hi Violetta,

We are really loving your apartment, it is so lovely.

Jenny and I will definitely stay here again, and I will be recommending to all myfriends your place.

Thanks so much

Gratefully, jeri - Connecticut, USA April 2013

Cara Violetta,

i know that this will be a part of italy that I will always remember, thanks to you. if anyone asks i will be so happy to give your name.

Sal Albert December 2012

Hello Violetta,
Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I have been busy catching up since we got back to the USA. Margaret and I are doing very well but it took about three days for our bodies to get back to normal.
Thanks for the all the work that went into the coordination of the transportation to and from our guided tour sites and hotels. The tour guides were informative, courteous and understood the needs of the children and the adults in our family. All the drivers where punctual, courteous and I especially enjoyed Gabriel because we had him two days in a row. Looking back we visited seven small towns and were taken to hotels in four major cities. The scheduling with the drivers and the guides was excellent. I do not want to forget how hospitable and charming Mrs. Rima Amalo was for our Pizza Class.
Margaret and I both agree that you did an excellent job. We saw everything that we wanted or could have done with the children. Thank you for arranging a memorable trip enabling us to celebrate our 50thWedding Anniversary in Milan on Saturday November 24th. We still can not believe it.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas

Wendy Mookin - USA June 2012

We loved the tour of the Vasari Corridor. It's really an incredible story. We were sorry to leave Florence--another day would have been great. We are now in Rome, where it's been very hot, but filled with interesting things to do and see. Tomorrow we head for Israel.
Thanks again for the interesting morning together.

Ophelia - Hong Kong November 2012

Dear Violetta,

How are you ?  I am sure you are very busy as Xmas is getting close and there should be a lot of people wanting to come to Italy.  I really wish I could come back to Italy again as we had a great time there back in summer.  It was nice seeing your website and Prudence told me that she had a great time in Italy, too ! Mable was kind enough to send me your website below.

Well, given our good experience, I would also like to introduce your service to my good friend, Elaine, (cc here) who will be visiting Europe with some friends during Xmas.  She told me that she would like to take a side trip to Venice or other places (for just a couple of days) before joining the other group.  I immediately recommended your service to her.  Kindly communicate with her directly and see if you will be able to help.

Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon in Italy !


Angie Tong - USA June 2012

Dear Violetta,
Thank you so much for being such a gracious host! Your apartment was beautiful and the location cannot be beat (we much preferred the slightly out of central Florence area) where we found great food, wine and met friendly people. I have sent you some of my favorite pictures including the various locks found on the golds store bridge, a couple of beautiful views from your apartment; there's a kitty living underneath your apartment :); the group picture of us at the end; and some composite shots of your apartment. I hope that you will remember us because you have made it so that we will never forget you, nor Florence! I hope to be back soon!!!!

Angie, Andrew, James and Lily Tong (USA) June 2012

Dear Violetta,
We have had the most amazing time in Italy and it is all because of you! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess/agent/guide. You\'ve taught us so much about the history of not just Florence, but Italy itself. Now that we have all rubbed the nose of the boar, we will definitely be back for more!! Grazie

Che Ning LIU - Hong Kong August 2012

Hi Violetta,

We are in Rome now and everything went smoothly.

I want to recommend the driver Alfredo who was very good (Amalfi Coast). Please pass on my comments to the agency. He is very courteous, helpful, punctual and always helping out with taking photos, luggage etc.  He also drives well - carefully but not too slow.

All the best




Mabel Leung – Hong Kong July 2012

Dear Violetta,

Hi Hi!!!

We are back in HK, busy with our Hong Kong routines, and missing Florence a lot!!

Thank you for a wonderful trip and thanks for all the arrangement, we had great time there in Italy.

Hotel Pierre is a great choice for its location and modern spacious room.
Hotel Bierchille is not as good though it led us to the discovery of the little vintage shop that we found some treasure.
The city tour and visit to David was a good add-on to our understanding of Florence and its renaissance arts.

The two restaurants of Buca Lapi and Buca Mario are also surprisingly good, with Buca Mario a bit less expensive and more vibrant in its ambience.

Actually the excursion trip to Sienna, San Gimignano and Pisa through Walkabout Florence is also good.

The driver (Andrea?) who took us back to Rome is so helpful and kind that put a perfect end to our trip to Florence.

All in all, your great help in organizing our trip in Rome and Florence is very much appreciated.

Will be in touch soon (hopefully) for our next trip to Florence (will skip Rome this time) with our husbands, and spend some more time in the Tuscany wine area.

In the meantime, thank you again and take care.

Warmest regards

Suzie, David, Martha and Grainger. - Sydney, Australia June 2012

Hello Violetta !!

We got your phone message in Florence thank you. We had a wonderful few days in Italy and want to say what a terrific job you did of organising our guides.

Each and everyone of them made our trip memorable and we were truly delighted with their professionalism and how friendly and knowledgeable they were. Dan particularly made our trip to Sienna and surrounding countryside a joy as did our driver in Rome - those trips far exceeded our expectations, as did your lovely company in Florence - it was a real pleasure to meet you.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Beauty in Italy to any of our friends.

Once again, thank you and next time we're in Italy..............

Best wishes

Cindy Brody - USA September 2012

We enjoyed our tour and getting to meet you and spend time with you. It was very special and unforgettable to learn about the history, architecture, culture  of Florence from you.

We loved the restaurant and the delicious simple meal! What do you think of Trattoria Camillo? Someone in Denver highly recommends it---but more importantly what do you think? Touristy or worth a visit tomorrow for lunch?

We will highly recommend you to anyone we learn is traveling to Florence, and of course pass along your spotless cards!

Lisa Campbell - California - USA November 2011


We had a wonderful time in Italy.

My birthday was spectacular! The wine tour was all I had hoped for and more. Our tour and lunch was so much fun. 

Everything worked perfectly and I hope to be in the area again.

In the mean time I would recommend you to anyone I know spending time in Tuscany.


Thank you so very much

Mackey and Margaret - Waxahachie, TEXAS - USA October 2011

Good morning Violetta,

Well we are back to our routines and continuing to reminisce about our wonderful visit.  Rome was terrific, the hotel very nice and of course the location was unbeatable.  The highlight of the Rome visit was the Borghese Villa and Museum and, next to reuniting with you and the seeing the Tuscan countryside, would be the highlight of the trip for Margaret and I.  The weather was very cooperative and we toured the coliseum on Tuesday morning and we visited the Pantheon several time since we were so close, Trevi and The Spanish Steps, made good use of our time. 

Thank you so much for your hospitality in your home, your help with planning the entire trip, and you graciousness as we toured your beautiful Tuscany.  We look forward to another visit in the future.

Kelvin and Jane - Suffolk - UK October 2011

Dear Violetta,

Back home safely after a wonderful holiday both in Florence and on the coast.

Weather here is beautiful – warm and sunny, better than most of the rest of the year. It helps to get back into the swing of work!!

Thank you for all your help in Florence – it, again, made such a difference.

We would like to invite you to our home at any time you fancy a break in England. We are near lots of airports, London, the sea and the Olympics but far from any hills/mountains!


Take care of yourself.

All our love

Kevin Pfeifer - USA October 2011

Thank you for the great tour. It was a pleasure to meet you. You are a lovely lady.

Steve Toretto - USA October 2011


Barb and I thought Paul was terrific.  We learned a lot about your beautiful city from him.

Thank you (and Paul) for a very enjoyable day.


Martha Pratt - USA October 2011

Hello Violetta,

Don and I want to thank you the wonderful time that we had in Italy.  We so appreciate all that you did to make the trip with Mac and Marge so perfect.  It was great to have time to visit you at both of your homes!  I hope that the ongoing work on your country house is progressing well.  The lunch there was delicious, the view was magnificent and the company even better!!!!

We had a wonderful time in Rome.  The Senato hotel is such a beautiful place.  Don and I had a room on the 6th floor with a balcony overlooking the Pantheon and the piazza.  Wonderful view!!!  The location was perfect for us.  I would definitely love to stay there again!

Getting back to our “real” life in Texas was a bit of an adjustment.  Two of our grandchildren and their mother met us at the terminal when we arrived at DFW.  That was a nice surprise.  I have been busy babysitting a lot, but loving it!

Thank you again for all your hospitality.  I hope that you will let us show you Fort Worth when you come to Texas!  We would love to show you some cowboys!


Sue and Sam Elissawy – USA September 2011


We tried to make pizza today like you taught us. It turned out pretty good. I think we need more practice in rolling the dough out to a consistent thickness, but think that will come in time.

We really enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful family. Your class was the highlight of our trip!!

Thanks again. My best to you and your family. Please tell them (including your Mother), we said hello.

Peter Zimmermann - USA July 2011

Dear Violetta:

Mary and her family are back from their European trip and  they are still raving about the good times they had. Mary especially mentions the fine arrangements you've made for them in Florence and in Rome.

The driver they had for Florence made it a point to explain to them in great detail what they were about to see and experience. He went out of his way to get as close as he could to all sites to be visited so Mary, who walks with difficulty did not have to walk too far. He also related easily to the two teen-age boys who particularly enjoyed him. He was also very professional and personable.

In Rome, Carlos the driver was also very helpful and professional; he again made sure to get as close to the sights as possible. Nora the guide was a gem. Her knowledge and ability to engage the boys were exceptional. She was able to help the boys understand their Italian heritage (Lupo) including how their family name was a part of Rome's founding. Again, her and Carlos's professionalism made the day a total success.

Please pass these comments on with her thanks to the respective parties. She said she would highly recommend everyone who took care of them.

I too want to thank you for selecting these fine and professional people and for your personal attention to all arrangements.

Best regards

Mel and Sarah May 2011

Mel Herman


The trip was two steps above spectacular!!  Your planning, drivers, guides, selection of hotels, and attention to details were impeccable. But the high point of the trip was meeting you and your arranging a surprise (for Sarah) renewal of vows for our 25th anniversary!


Meg Brautigan - USA March 2011

this is Sal's daughter Meg - just wanted to thank you for all of your knowledge and kindness you have shared with Joanna and her cousins. Joanna is so excited about all the information she is learning and experiencing. This has been a wonderful trip (exhausting too) and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done to make this so memorable for all the girls and Karen. I am so glad she has had the opportunity to experience some of her Pop-Pop's heritage and gain a better appreciation for Italy and its culture. She has most definitely fallen in love. I am so grateful to you!! Thank you! Thank you! Looking forward one day to meeting you and experiencing Italy with you too! Much Gratitude!

Ron and the Grou - Wildwood, Missouri, USA September 2010

Dear Violetta,
We had a wonderful day in Siena. Margarita did an excellent job with much enthusiasm. Casa Sola was perfect. Everyone in the group learned so much from Maria. Everyone has told me that our three days of excursions were excellent. Thank you so much. Again, thank you for the package of trips you put together for us. We will always remember this trip to Italy and you for making it so enjoyable.
Best regards

Nancy Gonzales - USA September 2010

I am just now catching up on my e-mails. Sorry for the delay. Daniele was terrific as our driver/guide and we loved our time in Pisa and the first two towns of Cinque Terre. Daniele, as I am sure you know, has a very different personality than Michele. However, he is a wealth of information and we felt well served. We may have been a disappointment to him, however. After hiking the "Road of Love", we were exhausted and all five of us slept most of the way home. Didn't give him much opportunity to speak to provide tour services, I am afraid! :-) Norma and I have another colleague who is going to visit the Florence area off one of the Silversea ships in October. You may soon hear from Patterson Swindle. She covers the Atlanta, Georgia area. I just sent her an e-mail minutes ago recommending that she should use your services.

Thanks for all you did to make our trip to Italy so special. We loved, loved, loved it!

John Perides August 2010

We are winding down on our second week in Umbria and I finally have a day of rest. I wanted to let you know that the two guides you arranged for us, Cristina (Florence) and Margarita (Siena) were superb. Of course you all ready know they are both excellent.  With that in mind, our sincere thanks to you for arranging them to be with our small group. All of our tour participants were delighted.  I will consider it an honor to recommend you and your company to any one who asks me about tours in Tuscany. I am sure you will apply the same standards and provide excellent service.

Thank you, again.

Best Regards,
 John Perides

Che Bello! Tour 2010 - USA

Home Cooking Parties Publishing.

Liz Corzine Chillicothe, OH USA March 2010

Violetta, Thank you for a wonderful stay in Florence. I enjoyed our walking tour and the cooking classes. I will try to make all of Rima\'s pizzas and I will replicate the dinner that we made with Giuseppina as soon as I can. Our driver, Michaela, was great. Everything was perfect, even the weather. I know that there is alot more to do and see in Florence, I will ask you to make the arrangements when I return. Thanks for a fantastic introduction to a beautiful city

Betty Matthews Bonnet - Seattle, Washington, USA March 2010

Dear Violetta, Come sta? I enjoyed meeting you very much. Thank you, again, for the lovely dinner and evening at your home – and for the walking tour. It was fun being with you, and you gave me a wonderful introduction to Florence’s art and culture.
There are so many sights, sounds, and experiences to treasure from my trip. I hope we’ll meet again.
All the best to you.

Susan Geverts - USA March 2010

Violetta was absolutely fabulous as our guide in Florence and we also used her for a day trip to Siena with a driver and her as our guide. I think whoever goes to Florence should definitely use her as she will make great use of whatever time they have in Florence. Violetta also booked the “hard-to-get” museum tickets and ensured that all the timing worked, etc. We ended up extending our days with her as she was so interesting and wonderful to be with...
She still sends me e-mails, so be sure to reference our trip and time with her in the summer of 2005.
Hope this info gets you started.


John and Sue Cerrone - USAJuly 2004 July 2004

Sue and I arrived back in the United States on Saturday, July 10, 2004. Our trip to your beautiful country was beyond our expectations. We so enjoyed meeting you and sharing our day touring Florence. Your city has so much to offer in terms of beauty, culture, art and FOOD. You helped us to see and understand the art that just surrounds you there. We sit and look at our pictures and wish we were back. Our family and friends were very excited about hearing our stories and looking at all of our pictures (I took 400 pictures). We spent our day with you on Thursday, July 1. On Friday, we visited the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens, and Santa Croce. All wonderful. On Saturday, we took a day trip to Siena and San Gimignano. What beautiful countrysides. We were sad to leave Florence but had to on Sunday to move on to Rome. Our tour guide in Rome was excellent and toured one day with us in Rome and one half day at the Vatican. Thank you for arranging this for us. We can't thank you enough for making our dream trip a reality. We both feel you are all special friends of ours in Italy and can't wait to get back and visit with you again. If you are ever in New York please call us so that we may share some hospitality with you.

All our best

Mary and Bob Dunn - USA July 2004

Violetta! We made it home safe and sound on May 6, two days before our luggage! What a wonderful time. It was wonderful meeting you, and we can't thank you enough for all your help in making our trip so special. We look forward to you helping us with our next adventure to Italy. We just made the decision that we would love a trip to the Tuscany area for two weeks in late September 2005, so will definitely be in contact with you later this year to make plans.

John Rudder and Larry Peterfy - USA October 2002

I am sorry to be so long in writing to thank you for our wonderful tours in Florence.
We did want to emphasize however exactly how much we enjoyed your company and commentaries on the glories of Florence. As we explained, we long ago discovered that the best value in sightseeing, if time is limited in particular, is to have a personal guide. Certainly more expensive than a group tour to be sure, but you get so very much more out of it when you are with someone who knows the city and its treasures so intimately and can cover so much "ground" that a group tour just can't. We enjoyed our conversations with you and as you probably recognized we have a great interest in learning something of the social life of modern Italy as well as about the great works of art which, granted, is why we came to Florence in the first place. It still staggers the imagination to realize how very much of western civilization and its art is concentrated in one place.
Thank you again for a great time, and with luck maybe we will once again get to travel to Italy within the next five to ten years or so. You can be assured that if we are that lucky, we'll be looking for you on the internet. All best wishes for a great year, take care, and we hope to meet again one day. Should you ever need a recommendation or reference please don't hesitate to ask as we can only say good things about our time together.

Lorraine Olbrecht, USA August 2002

Dear Violetta,
I am so happy to have received your e-mail. I tried unsuccessfully to mail you before, so thank you for reaching me. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed having you as our guide through Italy. I, for one, missed you greatly while in Rome. However, we did enjoy the many wonderful sights. I hope my coin in the Trevi fountain will bring me luck in returning to Italy. I still think often of the wonderful time we had. If you haven't already done so, I hope you will some day visit California.

Carolyn and Ken Richman November 2000

Violetta is not only informed - about art, history, architecture, and politics - but she is wonderful company and a joy to spend the day with. She arranged an itinerary that gave us a perfect blend of the sites we wanted to see. Our day with Violetta was the most fun we had on our vacation!

Suzanne and Mel Abramovitz - Roswell, Georgia – USA March 1998

Dear Violetta,
Thank you so much for the wonderful walking tour of Firenze. Our trip to Italy was ever so nice and Firenze was our favorite place. We could have stayed longer! It’s hard getting back to “reality”! You are an excellent guide and we will recommend your services to anyone we know who needs a guide in Firenze!
We enjoyed, too, our cappuccino break with you and talking. Thanks again for making our visit so special. If you are ever in our area, please give us a call.