Gourmet classes & tours

The class lasts 3 ½ to 4 hours. You will learn all the basics about genuine Tuscan food under the expert guidance of our chef. You will prepare a first course, usually a pasta dish such as fettuccine prepared with a typical Italian sauce; a second course, typically a kind of meat or fish accompanied by a side dish along with different kind of vegetables depending on the season. Desserts vary from panna cotta to tiramisu but let us know about your preferences!

For vegetarian guests we have a broad selection of options, one of which is melanzane alla parmigiana, i.e. different layers of egg plants (aubergines), mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce.

At the end of the cooking class you will enjoy tasting the gourmet dishes you have prepared yourselves along with some of the local Chianti wine!

Classes are conducted by our chef, Giuseppina, who runs a highly successful catering business and cooking school in Certaldo, just outside of Florence. Giuseppina also works as a personal chef-for-hire. She travels abroad where she is regularly invited by different cooking associations and attends gourmet cooking world fairs.

How can you reach Certaldo?

You can either take the train or ask us to organize a pick-up from the hotel where you are staying.


Please let us know about your food preferences/allergies at info@beautyinitaly.com

The lesson will begin at 3:00 PM and will finish at 6:00/6:30 PM with a meal during which the participants in the cooking class consume the dishes they have prepared together with the restaurant chef.

Depending on the participants’ preferences and the chef’s creativity, the most beautiful pastas and sauces, fresh vegetable sautés, meats and fishes, and deserts are prepared. You will actively participate in the actual preparation until the meal is ready to eat, when you will taste the different courses. Some spectacular and tasteful Italian wines, which are appropriate to go with the foods you have prepared, will accompany the meal.

This is an opportunity to participate in the way food is prepared to serve in a restaurant setting. An opportunity few people have. There are many things going on in a restaurant kitchen, which include the daily preparation of breads and pastries, use of the freshest fruits and vegetables and fish and meats purchased that day in the local fresh market. How these fruits and vegetables and other foods of the season are used in Italian cooking is a lesson in itself.

Please let us know how many are in your party or if you are alone, the date you wish to attend the cooking class, and we will let you know about the chef’s availability and price.

If you have any allergies and/or you wish to eat/not eat some foods, make sure to let us know.

For this reason we have created a special Espresso Coffee & Cappuccino Tour lasting 3 hours!  On this tour you will be shown a famous  coffee roasting plant in the city of Florence which exhibits the flow and experience of daily work: here you can observe the entire coffee cycle, from roasting to grinding, visit the rooms where new blends and products are tested,  have a look at the new packaging and design of new espresso machines and grinders.

After this first experience with the Italian coffee and cappuccino world you will be given a demonstration of how to prepare a good Italian version of coffee and cappuccino; you will be shown the secrets of how to obtain the right consistency of the foam  on the surface of an authentic  Italian Cappuccino. It’s an art that takes time, experience and enthusiasm. After trying many times  you will be able to judge yourself when a cappuccino is well made or not!

With the Espresso Academy Experience you will have enriched your knowledge about the customs and uses in Italy! You will have a lot of fun sitting at a café or standing at the counter of a café, ordering coffee and cappuccino. Not all the cafes are the same and the Italians know it! Only a worldly and experienced person will achieve the right consistency, artistic designs, and black and white decorations on your cappuccino foam!!

How many different ways of ordering a coffee in Italy and reflecting people’s different tastes! Here are some typical orders and preferences:
- Un caffè
- Un caffè espresso
- Un espresso
- Un caffè basso
- Un caffè alto
- Un caffè macchiato caldo
- Un caffè macchiato freddo
- Un caffè in tazza larga
- Un caffè doppio
- Un caffè doppio in tazza larga
- Un caffè corretto

Drinking coffee is done quickly in Italy – yet how much preparation and expectation before the actual drinking of this coffee!

And here are some preferences in ordering a cappuccino:
- Un cappuccino con schiuma
- Un cappuccino senza schiuma
- Un cappuccino caldo
- Un cappuccino freddo
- Un cappuccino tiepido

To attend this Espresso and Cappuccino Tour please contact Violetta Buti. Our travel agent based in Florence will organize this tour for you. The building and coffee course can be reached by taxi from the center of Florence (cost around 15 euro one way) or else an English speaking driver can pick you up at your hotel and take you back after the visit to the coffee plant and after attending the Coffee and Cappuccino course.

Please ask for our prices, contact info@beautyinitaly.com

She has found that she loves teaching other people how to prepare different foods, especially PIZZA!

She invites her guests into her tiny home kitchen where she has all the typical fresh produce of the Italian traditional cuisine for their use in making different kinds of Pizza. Most striking are the colors: red tasty tomatoes, green leaves of basil, white mozzarella cheese, black and green olives, capers, anchovies, oranges and lemons, salami and sausage, egg-plant and zucchini, potatoes and peppers… Before one even starts touching anything, his/her eyes are filled with color and excitement to begin learning how to use these delectable items.

First, the pasta is made for the crust of the Pizza. It will consist of flour, water, yeast, and a pinch of salt. Using the flat marble of the tabletop and your hands, used to knead the dough, you will form the dough. When the pasta/dough has been worked sufficiently, it has to “sleep” in a dry warm place for at least an hour. Your teacher has already prepared a recipe of the dough for you in advance, so you don’t need to wait for the dough you made to rise, and you can proceed on to make the pizzas.

Now the dough needs to be made flat and you can start filling the round, flat pans with the dough and the ingredients from the fresh meat, produce and cheeses there for your use.

There are countless pizzas that one can prepare and we don’t want to tell you all our secrets now… but we can tell you that you will make approximately 12 different pizzas in the period of the class. And, you will be tasting each one, so come to the class hungry! You are about to experience on of the most amazing culinary experiences of your life! Among our favorite pizzas are the savory pizza made with slices of potatoes and rosemary and the sweet pizza made with slices of oranges and sugar! Yum!

Please let us know how many persons are in your party or if you are alone, and give us the date you would like to attend our pizza class. Depending on our lady’s availability and the number of participants, we will let you know when it’s possible to organize such a pizza course and the cost. The length of this course is about 2 ½ - 3 hours.

If you have a car and want to drive yourself, we will be able to suggest the best winery for you to visit and make reservations for you there.

We can also organize a car and driver to take you to the best wine and olive oil producer in the area of Tuscany that you may want to visit.

At the winery you will be taken on a tour of the property and through the fields for an explanation of the production of the grapes and how they are grown and harvested and made into wine.

Afterwards, you will be taken to the cellar to look at the fermentation area, aging area, and the bottling and storage area. Many Italian wineries have both a more recent cellar and a very old one with lots of ambiance and history.

The wine tasting usually consists of 3 wines (the most valuable one being the Riserva) accompanied by some Tuscan bread. Most wineries will also offer an olive oil tasting, as most properties feature both vineyards and olive groves. To complete the gourmet experience you will also be served a small glass of “vin santo” (holy wine) which is a desert wine accompanied by some “biscotti di Prato” (cookies with almond pieces).

Upon request. We can arrange for some Tuscan snacks (bruschetta, ham, salame, cheese) or a hearty lunch to accompany the different wines. Most wines in Tuscany are red wines. Some white wines can also be found, for example the famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Please let us know how many persons are in your party and the date you wish us to plan a visit.

Contact us at info@beautyinitaly.com